Product Care


Hand printed fabrics

All of our products are made with natural materials, screen printed by hand using top quality water-based pigments. Each printed color is hand mixed and this, along with the organic process of hand printing, results in minor variations from piece to piece. Each pattern is heat cured, resulting a permanent, wash-fast material. 

Washing and drying

Due to use of leather and waxed canvas accents on the majority of our pieces, we recommend spot or hand washing and air drying all items that include these materials. Items that do not, such as the tea towels, pillow covers, and handkerchiefs can be machine washed and hung to dry.

Waxed Canvas

The Waxed Canvas used on our bags is water repellent and easy to clean by simply wiping dirt off with a brush or using a damp cloth for a more thorough cleaning (although rarely necessary). It is normal to see creases and highlights in waxed canvas and important to never iron it.  As the fabric ages, it will develop a well-worn and comfortable patina, the same way that leather ages and burnishes with time.


All baskets are shipped folded. Running a hot iron along the inside of the basket to remove any creases that may have occurred during shipping will give the basket it's nice round sturdy shape. Always avoid ironing the waxed canvas trim.